Everybody Loves Cake! - Australia

Candy / Dessert Bar
Everybody Loves Cake! can also provide a Candy / Dessert Bar for your event or celebration.
After an individual consultation, your Candy / Dessert Bar will be designed to match your celebration theme.
Everybody Loves Cake! will provide:
  • A two tier cake customised to your theme / celebration
  • Hire of 5 apocathery candy jars
  • Selection of 5 candies / lollies from a wide range
  • Selection of 5 home made desserts, from a list including
                  - cupcakes
                  - cake pops
                  - mini cheesecakes
                  - vanilla biscuits
                  - macaroons
                 - mini meringues
  • Themed labels for all items
  • Take home bags / boxes for guests
  • Frame incorporating a personalised message from you to your guests to put on the table
Everybody Loves Cake! staff will deliver, set up  and collect hired items after your event.
Price of package: $900 AUD

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