Everybody Loves Cake! - Australia
Everybody Loves Cake! has a variety of cake flavours for you to choose from, including:
  • chocolate mud cake
  • white chocolate mudcake
  • caramel mudcake
  • marble mud cake (chocolate/white, chcoclate/caramel, white/caramel)
  • white chocolate mudcake with fruit swirl (available in strawberry, raspberry and mango)
  • white chocolate and coconut mudcake
  • buttercake
  • red velvet
  • coffee hazelnut torte
  • fruit cake (with or without nuts) - minimum 3 month order as cake needs time to mature.
  • chocolate ganache
  • white chocolate ganache
  • buttercream
All our cakes are made with the finest ingredients and made fresh to order. If you have special dietary requirements, Everybody Loves Cake! will endeavour to meet your needs.
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